Let Your Kid Supply The Words And Let Their Imagination Roam Free

Let Your Kid Supply The Words And Let Their Imagination Roam Free

The first five years are crucial to children’s development as their brains triple in size during that time. At this age your child is hearing more and saying more. This is the time when reading is more important than ever to increase their language skills. Word games, picture games songs and rhymes are all very helpful. Following are few tips you can use:

1. Go for open-ended questions which give them the chance to respond using more than one-word responses. You will strengthen your relationship with your children while supporting their communication skills and academic success.

2. Ask your child about the pictures in the book and give her time to name it. Clap or say bravo and encourage her if she is right and if it is all gibberish, enjoy the funny new word she created and laugh with her. Let her know that she is the one who is making you happy before you go and correct her.

3. Associate pictures with day to day activities your child go through. Show them pictures of a car, a spoon or anything and then build words around it. For example for a spoon ‘’ This is what we use to eat food. You eat your favourite porridge with this.’’ I am sure if not the exact word but your kid will definitely utter a word that sounds like spoon.

4. Build more words around what your child say. If she says “banana” you can say “It is a yellow and yummy banana.”

5. Expose your kid to new situations everyday where you can bring in more words. Take her for a walk or on a bus and point out at different things naming them and associating them with funny sounds if required.