Let Your Kid Try Every Kind Of Food Item

Let Your Kid Try Every Kind Of Food Item
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At this stage, let your child try out every food item. From vegetables, fruits, milk, cereals, lentils to chips, chocolate, icecream, etc. It's very important for your child to explore variety of food items using their senses. This way he will be aware of the foods available.

However, the foods that go in his plate are decided by you. You can keep the junk and fat rich foods for occasions or once in a week. This can be set as a family tradition to be followed by everyone. Never jump to a conclusion that your child dislikes a new food. You can introduce it again after few days along with a known food and may be, he eats.

It is even more important that your child has tried every kind of food. For instance, if he goes to a birthday party, he will not be surprised with the food there and may try it and satisfy his hunger. This teaches him to be flexible and not rigid about eating food at home only.