Let Your Kids Explore Their Individual Interests

Let Your Kids Explore Their Individual Interests

At this stage, remember that your child is now an independent person. Do not impose your likings and interests on your child. Talk to him, observe where his interests lie and try to encourage him by putting him into classes, helping him to learn in various ways.

Having said that, it is also a fact that the independence that your child enjoys at this age may not always help him take decisions on his behalf. Your child is independent in his own ways, but he is still a child who needs a lot of help in deciding things for himself.

Give a lot of importance to what he says. Encourage his choices. But also make sure that your child understands why a certain thing is agreed upon. He must know the reasons so that in future to he can apply the same logic in setting other things sorted out. Similarly, if he is making a demand that is unnecessary, kindly don’t agree just because you want to value his independence.

Rather explain why it has been turned down. Reasoning with your child is important to make him learn the correct things. It is alright not to force your child in anything that you like. But it is also not typically alright to give in to anything that he calls for. A balance here is a must.