Let Your Kids Help In Planning Their Own Routine

Let Your Kids Help In Planning Their Own Routine

Making your child follow a routine is slightly a hassle as he may not be able to understand the structure of it. How can you help? You can just create a routine by making it a practice for your child, but the better thing to do here would be to help him form a routine for himself.

1. By this age, your child will have a good understanding of how his day is going to be. This understanding will be the stepping stone. Help him figure out what works best for him. This can take a while because this is based on trial and error. Be patient.

2. Ask your child for suggestions. You can do the grown-up part by fixing time slots, but it is best if he chooses what he wants to do. This is also a really good way to keep him motivated about his activities.

3. Help make it better by changing up the routine for the weekend. This would be particularly exciting for him. Ask him what he wants to do over the weekend. If he is feeling confused about it, help him by making probable suggestions. This way, he will still feel responsible for choosing what he wants to do.

4. Help him stick to the routine once it is made. Give him reminders as and when you can. This will help him set his mind around it in a much better manner. You can talk about his routine for tomorrow, tonight during bedtime.