Let Your Kids Know They Are Unique In Their Own Way

Let Your Kids Know They Are Unique In Their Own Way

At this point, your child's mind must be free of all sorts of comparisons of her with someone else. Understanding the fact that every child is different from one another is very important. Your child has come to this world with her own strengths and weaknesses and that is how you as a parent must see her. Comparing your child to a friend, cousin or her own sibling is never a great idea.

Rather, you should not even allow your child to compare herself with others. If she is getting bogged down with any such thing, talk to her, while instilling in her the much needed confidence. It is important that she understands that everyone is born with various qualities, and that is how it is meant to be. Give your child the confidence that she is good in her own way and there are several things that she can achieve with her own qualities.

There is no need for any comparison and she is good in whatever way she is.