Let Your Kids Try to Eat And Dress On Their Own

Let Your Kids Try to Eat And Dress On Their Own
2y to 3y

Teaching kids how to dress themselves makes them feel independent and confident. Have you tried doing the same with your child yet? It will ease work for you and make your little one happy too. He will listen and dress faster.

1. To begin with, give your child lots of little choices about things that isn’t very important, like asking your child if he would wear a white or a blue jacket when he will go out to play? Let him choose and your work is done since he is all set for the cold weather. Putting on his favorite shoes on his own makes dressing up more quicker and your child will look smarter too. Let him choose the color.

2. Try to do it on weekends when it’s a leisure day. Start off by giving easy to wear clothes, like simple t-shirts, pajamas, jackets, etc. Be open to changes and appreciate his preferences. He will love it if you respect his opinion. Let it be slow, have patience, the more you tell him to do on his own the more competent he will become.

3. You can then move on to other activities, like eating his breakfast. Let your child have a spoon to enjoy his food. It’s ok if there is mess but your child will be learning to eat on his own. Holding utensils helps develop the fine motor skills that your child will use later to hold a pencil or crayons at school.

4. Teaching him to be organized will also have less mess in his room. Show him how to pick up clothes from wardrobe and pick up the clothes slowly, not pull it out with force.

Always appreciate and hug him when he shows up how well he is dressed.