Let Your Little One Savor Homemade Snacks

Let Your Little One Savor Homemade Snacks
Health & Nutrition

Snacks and treats are pretty much what children like to eat at this age. Anything in a bag will be extremely intriguing for your child right about now. This can end up causing a very bad food habit for your child. Instead of buying snacks from the supermarket, you can indulge your child in some homemade snacks, which are not only delicious but also super healthy.

1. Try a good recipe for homemade potato crisps. You can make them in a few different flavors to entice your child's taste buds. One thing is for sure, you will know how the crisps are made with good oil and condiments. So, you do not need to feel guilty about your child eating them.

2. Try out different kinds of veggie sandwiches. You can also use whole wheat bread instead of white bread for making them. This will also increase the intake of veggies. Another guilt free snack.

3. You can also make a homemade pizza on naan bread or chapati. You can use tomato sauce and all sorts of veggies for toppings. You can also load it with some mozzarella cheese to make it yummier.

4. Make a fun salad using fruits and nuts. Your child will relish this and want for some more. You can also make a classic veggie salad with a mayo dressing. This will be another fun way of increasing your child's vegetable intake.

5. Do let your child eat some snacks he really prefers from the supermarket. Do not completely put an end to it. You can let him have a few in moderation.