Limit Gadget Time For Your Kids

Limit Gadget Time For Your Kids
2y to 3y

Electronic gadgets have replaced pretty much all activities these days. They are fun and engaging, agreed. But they are quite harmful in many ways. Hence, you have to make sure that your child does not spend too much time with them.

1. Always monitor your child’s time with a gadget. Make him understand that starting at the screen for long durations can be very harmful to his eyes. It can also damage his hearing if he is plugged in to the gadget for a long time.

2. Playing games on electronic gadgets can be a threat to his social life too. Your child may develop an addiction and he may want to play with the gadget at all times. This will minimize his social interactions.

3. Your child needs to get out of the house to indulge in games that involve physical exercise. He needs to play games that strengthen his muscles and gain control over them too. This is very important for his development.

4. Beware of all the inappropriate content on the web. Make sure to protect your child’s innocence by making use of Parental Control on the gadget, which is an option on your internet browser. This will help keep all the inappropriate content away from your child.

5. Keep your child occupied with activities as much as possible. This will distract him from using an electronic gadget.

6. Make sure you spend some time off the gadgets yourself. This will encourage him to keep his hands off of the tablet he is so fond of.