Look Out For Triggers Of A Tantrum And Preempt It

Look Out For Triggers Of A Tantrum And Preempt It

Once your child is in the full throes of a tantrum, it is very difficult and time-consuming to bring her out of it. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to try and prevent a tantrum in the first place. Often a tantrum can be avoided by looking out for the triggers.

If you know what are the issues that can set your child off, prepare beforehand so that they can be avoided. For example, if you know that your kid gets furious whenever you tell her that it is time for bed, try telling her 10 minutes in advance: “You can play for 10 more minutes, and then we’ll go to bed, okay?”

If the situation requires it, talk to your child to prepare her for any particular situation which might set off a tantrum. For example, your kid may hate crowded areas, but you really need to take her with you to the market. Explain the situation to her, and promise that you’ll bring her out as soon as possible.