Maintain A Fixed Time And Schedule For Homework

Maintain A Fixed Time And Schedule For Homework

A successful kid in school is the one whose parents take an active interest in her homework. You are well aware of the importance of homework, you just need to tell the same to your child. You can support him by demonstrating study tips and organization skills, assisting in a tricky problem, or just by advising him. Here are few tips:

1. Make sure that the kids have a homework friendly area which includes a well lit room and proper supplies like paper, pencils, glue scissors and that too within reach.

2. Make a timetable for regular homework. Remind your kid when it’s the time to do homework and help him get started. Remain consistent in your approach regardless of any protests or excuses. By being consistent, your child will see good results on his own.

3. You have to make a schedule for TV and other entertainment in house. Your little sacrifice can do wonders for your kids. A tv draws children like honey draw bees so say no to tv or any entertainment system during their homework time.

4. When the homework is heavy and hefty, advise your child break up the work into manageable slots. Create a work schedule for the night if necessary — and take time for a 15-minute break after every slot, if possible.

5. Ask about assignments, quizzes, and tests. Encourage them, check completed homework, and make yourself always available for questions and concerns. Reward them on finishing their homework on time.

6. Never criticize the concept of homework in front of your child. Rather tell him the advantages like homework will help you learn your course easily and timely.

7. Be an example for them. Kids observe parents a lot. Let them watch you reading books or may be doing office files. It will encourage them without you making an additional effort.