Make Daddy-Time A Positive Experience

Make Daddy-Time A Positive Experience
Family Bonding

At this time your child is ready for more positive bonding, especially with her father. Ensure that father-child time is an overall positive experience for your little one. Fathers should praise, encourage, cuddle and laugh as much as possible when spending time with their kid. Their total focus and undivided attention should be on the child.

No office work, mobiles or gadgets during daddy time! Daddy time is quite important for growing toddlers. It is a fact that infants grow more close to their mothers, but fathers should contribute equally to build a positive bond. Make sure you plan out a particular time in the day when your child is ready to play with you. Be there with him to cuddle, roll and learn.

As a parent, you can read stories to your little one and even enter role play activities. Keep in mind that, this time of your with your child should be free from mobiles, meetings or any other form of disturbance.