Make Drinking Milk A Fun Activity For Your Kid

Make Drinking Milk A Fun Activity For Your Kid
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At this stage, your child is likely to fuss a lot over various things, one of which can be drinking milk! Getting your kid to drink milk can be quite an ordeal at times. So employ fun ways to do this. Have a competition with your kid over who can drink milk the quickest. Keep a small prize, like a chocolate biscuit or a favorite treat of your child. This will grab his attention and give him an incentive to drink up.

Get him a kiddie drinking cup or glass with characters or cartoons that he likes. You can also get him some colorful straws which are twisted in different ways, so that the activity of drinking milk becomes enjoyable.

Let your child learn through your example. At times, you must also consume milk in order to make him observe you, and learn and implement this healthy habit. Maintain an expression of enjoyment while you are drinking milk so that he is also tempted to drink.