Make Healthy Food Interesting And Are Tempted To Eat Healthy

Make Healthy Food Interesting And Are Tempted To Eat Healthy
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There are numerous creative ways by which healthy foods can be made interesting for your child at this point of his life.

Keep healthy snacks handy. When your child asks for a snack, keep cut vegetables like carrots, cucumber ready, store them in containers and keep it in the fridge. You can serve them with yoghurt or vegetable dip.

If he is averse to vegetables, try mixing them with rice and lentils where they get mashed up well. You can also try soups. Replace French fries, by roasting cut potatoes.

Presentation matters a lot. Hence, you can invest in some colourful plates, bowls and spoons. Have a healthy combination of new as well as familiar foods.  Keep the food on the table and let your child self-serve. When he chooses what has to go in the plate, the chances are higher that he finishes them.

Involve your child in mixing salads, beating curd, preparing sandwiches, etc. As he joins in, appreciate his efforts and use it as an opportunity to talk how healthy fruits and vegetables are.

Above all, stock healthy foods in the kitchen. This will automatically take care of right eating and also model right eating yourself.