Make Sure That Your Child Has Enough Free Time In The Day To Play On Their Own

Make Sure That Your Child Has Enough Free Time In The Day To Play On Their Own

Giving your child some time off from a monotonous schedule so she can have some unstructured time to be all by herself promotes a great way of self identification. She will be able to focus on something, without having to feel pressurized to finish something she started. Here are a few benefits:

1. Your child definitely needs to spend some time by herself. This will help her become self reliant and independent. She will learn how to do things on her own without having to take any help from you or anyone else around her.

2. Being by herself will give her a sense of responsibility. Since she would have learnt to perform things on her own, she will feel responsible when she independently performs a task.

3. Some free unstructured time is a definite way to relax. Doing absolutely nothing, just gazing at the flowers in the garden, sitting outside on the porch, etc. are a few ways that can help take away the stress from carrying out a routine every single day.

4. Your child can explore various interests in this time. She can get to see what she likes or dislikes and take up on a particular activity that requires a specific skill. On identification, you can further help by introducing to similar such activities or by engaging her in a class.

5. You can also bond with your child during this unstructured time. It can be relaxing experience for you as well to do absolutely nothing, but with your child.