Make The Process Of Dressing Fun!

Make The Process Of Dressing Fun!

While doing certain things with your child can be fun, it is important to understand that your child is in a very impressionable age right now. Whatever you do with him becomes a norm for him in the long run. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in dressing up together, it is important to keep a note that your child doesn’t take it as the way of things.

There is a lot underlined thoughts that goes in between dressing and undressing clothes. Also, your child is most inquisitive at this age. So, if you choose to dress up together, make sure you have things within limits and make it very clear that it is only between him and mumma and should never be done with any outsider. Ensure that your child is not picking up anything wrong with things that you are preserving as a fun activity.

Make the process of dressing fun a great motivator. You should make this a team work and say 'Let’s do it together' and 'Let’s see who dresses up first!' Also, you can pick your child's favorite clothes to add to the excitement. The enthusiasm and excitement will drive him to dress himself up.