Make Time For Father-Child Bonding

Make Time For Father-Child Bonding
Family Bonding
  • Your little one at this stage is all ready to expand his bonding and develop an intense connection with his father too. Set aside special times for father-child bonding. Let the child take the lead in deciding the activity that they will do together, and keep planning new and innovative things to do. 
  • This will make him feel important and more enthusiastic about “Daddy time”. Since your child spends most of the time at home with his mother and other family members, he is likely to miss out playing with his father.
  • To strengthen the bond between a father and his child, it is important to set aside some special time for the child. During this time, your child should be allowed to choose how and what he wishes to play with his father.
  • Going on some errand like a walk to a park or the grocery store, further enhances the confidence and trust of your child in his father. Eventually, he begins feeling as comfortable in the company of his father as his mother. Fathers should participate in their child’s progress at pre school and also take out time to read stories with them.