Make Writing Activities Fun For Your Little One

Make Writing Activities Fun For Your Little One

Writing is a very important aspect of learning. There can be times when your child may not like writing as much as she should, but you can help by making it a fun activity so she begins to take a liking towards it. Here are some ways you can try.

1. Give your child interesting stationery that she can make use of so that she does not get bored. Give her different colored pencils she can use to write with. This will keep it interesting.

2. Plan activities that involve writing as a main skill. You can write a few alphabets by dotting them. Ask your child to connect the dots with different colored pencils. This will be a great way to learn the alphabets and have fun along the way.

3. Tracing is another interesting way to get her to take an interest in writing. Write a few numbers on a large sheet of paper and ask your child to write on the number using a color of her choice. You can also hold her hand as she writes and this can be a brilliant way to bond with her too!

4. Introduce stencils to your child. It will be so much easier than just writing and it will be a fascinating way for her to write using stencils. You can also help by writing along with her so she feels comfortable doing it.

5. Have a bunch of coloring activities planned for her in between writing. This will be an exciting way to take a break if she particularly feels bored with just writing.