Make Your Baby Better At Vocabulary

Make Your Baby Better At Vocabulary

Establishing and improving your child's vocabulary is an important aspect of verbal communication development of your little one. This can get to be quite a handful for some kids as they might not always want to learn new words and read books, but this can be made a fun and engaging activity. Here are a few things are you can do to improve your child's vocabulary:

1. Regular story telling is great way to further your child's vocabulary and improve pronounciation. Encourage your child to read the story along with you, as you trace the lines of text with his finger. This is a great way of learning new words and reinforcing learnt words.

2. Rhymes are a great way to help your child improve pronounciation. Catchy, simple sing-a-longs are a great way to engage your child playfully and enjoyably while introducing him to new words and reinforcing learnt words by using them in different ways. Doing this with fun and colourful videos, which are available conveniently on the internet further increases the fun quotient of this activity, making your child want to learn and sing more!

3. Simple songs are a great way to teach your child how to use words and make sentences using them. Not only do they learn better using songs as they will learn them with a tune and have fun while doing so.

4. Having little games on learning new words everyday also helps in introducing your child to new words on a regular basis and expand their vocabulary in a fun and intuitive way.