Make Your Child Learn More Table Manners

Make Your Child Learn More Table Manners

This age children are very picky eaters and will have food at their own pace. They are in no hurry; and your little one is likely to be no different in this. Learning table manners becomes quite a challenge with these habits.

The ideal way is lots of practice. Before your child starts eating his food, ask him to say the rules. Keep the rules simple and clear. For instance, we use the napkins to wipe mouth, not the sleeves. Use ''Please'' and ''Thank you'' while talking. ''Please pass the salt'' or ''Thank you for giving me the salad.'' Set realistic expectations, be firm but reasonable.

Model right table manners yourself and have meals together as a family.

In case he has behaved well, appreciate him otherwise remind him of the rules. The basic idea is for your child to know there are certain rules(manners) that have to be followed by every member. Don’t make it a battle if he falters.

During a time other than meal time, read books to your child about table manners or write down what includes table manners. You can also show him videos to instill good table etiquette.