Make Your Child More Imaginative With This

Make Your Child More Imaginative With This
5y to 6y
Fine Motor

Creativity and imagination are some of the most important aspects with respect to learning and development as your child grows up. Sparking your child's active imagination helps with social and emotional development, which is really important going ahead. This can be promoted in many ways so your child's mind is active and is able to think beyond reality. Here are a few things your can try with your child:

1. You can try role playing or pretend play with your child. You can dress up your child according to the role and help him get into character. This will not only help him learn about the character, but also helps him visualize himself to be that character.

2. Storytelling is another way of taking your child to the land of imagination. Be very descriptive as you talk about the appearance of characters so it helps him visualize the same. Talk about the size and color. This can help your child imagine whatever you are narrating in a much better manner.

3. Personalize games for your child. Know what his interests are to help him sharpen his skills with respect to a game. You never know, this can turn into a real hobby!

4. Let him play with different objects from around the house. Your child will always come up with different ways of visualizing objects and will be able to use an object more than what it can be used for. For example, your child may use a stick as a sword during play.