Make Your Child Self Dependent

Make Your Child Self Dependent

Making your child self-dependent is a very important task. It should be started after 3 years of age. Allowing your child in doing her own activities or helping in household activities will make her become responsible in the future and also make her very confident. The process of making your kiddo self-dependent can be started with these activities.

1. After returning from outside, instruct her to place her shoes at certain places. If it is an easy wear shoe, then allow her to take off or wear her shoes by her own. Help her a little in the act.

2. During evening snacks time, allow her to eat by her own. Initially, she may waste the food or may not eat properly. But continuing this task will make a habit of independent eating and eating in her as per her needs.

3. Allow her to help in some daily chores like after eating, putting a plate in the sink. Show her how to hold the plate and ask her to do so. Make sure that the plate is not so heavy or easily breakable.

4. Put a bucket in your room. After returning from outside, help her to take off her clothes and allow her to put them in the bucket. Continuous repetition of this act will help them to keep cloths in places.

5. While going outside, when everybody carrying some weights, allow her to carry her own bag as well with a water bottle and some chocolates, a picture book and a handkerchief in it.