Make Your Kid Aware About Good And Bad Touch

Make Your Kid Aware About Good And Bad Touch

As tragic as it sounds, sexual abuse begins at a very young age and the gender really does not make any difference. This can be a very difficult conversation for you to have with your child as it is, but it is better that your child is fully aware of the evils of society from the start. Let him know what good touch is and bad touch is. Here is how.

1. Let your child know that he owns his body. His body belongs to him and nobody but him. Let him become fully aware of all the parts of his body, including his "private" parts. Let him understand that no one is allowed to touch him in his privates and that he should let you know if someone does.

2. Do not let your child know more than what he needs to know. Make sure that the conversation does not get too emotional as it progresses. Do not quote any examples to support your conversation as this can disturb your child's mind.

3. Teach your child the difference between good touch and bad touch by showing him what is appropriate. Hugs, kisses, caressing, etc. can be of both good and bad kinds. Let him be aware of who can get to show him affection using actions and who does not.

4. Instruct him firmly that he should not talk to strangers at any cost. Let him know that it is not okay for a stranger to invade his personal space.

5. He needs to be vigilant at school as well. Let your child understand that the above rules apply even at school, or at any other place for that matter.