Make Your Kid Familiar And Feel Secure About School

Make Your Kid Familiar And Feel Secure About School

Getting your child to become familiarized and comfortable at school can often be a difficult task, with all the crying and hesitation that your child will show during the initial days when you try to get them to go to school. This requires a combined effort from you as parents and your child's teachers. Here are some ways which make this process less saddening and dramatic for everyone involved:

1. Go to the school a few days before hand with your child and walk around the place, showing your child the school, the classrooms, the playground etc. Let your child walk around in the campus, getting to see where he will be spending a significant part of his day at. Your child will naturally be apprehensive of visiting new places and therefore having him look around will naturally reduce his unease.

2. If possible, let your child interact with his teachers beforehand, before the time he starts school with them. Your child will naturally be apprehensive about spending time with strangers, hence getting him to interact with his teachers beforehand is a great way to ease the transition from home life to school life.

3. During the initial days of dropping off your child to school, try to stay around the campus for as long as possible with your child. He will be more at ease in your presence and therefore will get increasingly receptive of his surroundings, rather than want for your presence, making this a great way to ease his transition into school. Showing up early to pick up your child when picking them up from school and staying for a while after dropping them off are good ways to make sure that your child is getting eased in to the school environment.

4. Make sure that your child's teacher is aware of his routine such as when he eats, his potty training progress, what upsets him or scares him and known allergies and medical conditions (if any). Knowledge of these things are important to be known by your child's teacher as they can go a long way in making your child feel comfortable at school.