Make Your Kid Learn Basic Manners and Etiquette

Make Your Kid Learn Basic Manners and Etiquette
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Your child will now be able to speak quite a few words and will try and communicate everything with words. It will be really great if you begin to impart certain etiquettes and mannerisms to your child as she grows. She will turn into such a doll that everyone will be delighted to talk to her.

1. Teach your child a few magic words like please, thank you, sorry. Make sure to use these words around her as much as you possibly can as you are her role model at this stage. This will familiarize her with the words as well as make her want to say those as she speaks. This is a great way of getting your child to pick up a few new words as well.

2. Make it a habit not to scream, shout or yell around your child. As mentioned before, you are your child's greatest role model and she will learn those mannerisms if you continue to display unpleasant behavior around her.

3. Teaching your child simple table manners is also a great way to help her turn into a well mannered child. Table manners are something any person would admire. Teach simple etiquettes, like using a napkin to wipe her mouth, using a spoon and so on.

4. Since devices like phones and tablets are easily accessable and because there are a lot of inappropriate content on the web, your child may pick up a few words you will not approve of. Make sure to correct her on the spot if you find her using any such words. Do not yell at her as she might want to do it some more. Just tell her that it is impolite and will hurt the people around her.

5. In all of this, it is really important for you to remain patient as this cannot be achieved overnight. It can rile you up as your child takes the difficult route, but try to reel her back in without losing your temper.