Make Your Kid Play Games Involving More Movement

Make Your Kid Play Games Involving More Movement
Gross motor
  • Your child at this stage is all ready for some honing of motor skills and hence, needs to be constantly stimulated for expansion of movements. Encourage games that involve increased movements and physical activity. Take the little one to the park so that he can run around and play. 
  • You also need to be active along with your child, so that they are enthusiastic and inspired. Be with your child as much as possible and participate in whatever he does. During the growth years of your child, it is important to let him stay active. For this, movement is important.
  • Encourage your child to go out to the parks and play with his friends, while also keeping a close look at him. Games like catch -catch, hide and seek, and running should be a part of his play time. This will make him practice the act of running and staying actively involved in a game. As a result, his body will work out, just enough for his level and age and keep him active.
  • Movement also ensures that over time, your child can have active development and growth in the body. However, don't forget that you too need to stay active with your child while he plays, which will motivate him to engage in movement activity.