Make Your Kid Understand The Importance Of Maintaining Eye Contact

Make Your Kid Understand The Importance Of Maintaining Eye Contact

Explain to your kid why maintaining eye contact while speaking to people is important. Keep reminding him gently but firmly if he looks away while talking to you or anyone else. If he is persistent in not looking into your eyes, there may be something wrong. Try to find out with care what is bothering him. With a little coaching though, your child can get comfortable with this key social skill in no time.

1. Use simple ways to teach your child to make eye contact like asking him to look into your eyes when he requests a toy or treat, tape visual aids to your forehead and break the instructions into small steps.

2. Prompt your child to practice eye contact skills using opportunities that occur in everyday life.

3. Encourage your child to practice by looking into the mirror and observing what’s going on with their eyes.

4. Make your kiddo understand if he maintains the eye contact then the other kids will feel good because looking in the other kids eyes means you are interested in what he’s saying.

5. When you talk to him or when he talks to you, make sure you look him directly in the eyes. If you stare at the television or computer while talking to him, he may think it isn't necessary to look people in the eye when he communicates.

6. Role-play with your toddler. Let him say hi to you, while you respond by looking off to the side and quietly muttering a greeting. Explain that this is how others feel when he doesn’t look at them, smile and say a few words.