Make Your Kids Identify Your's And Their Own Body Parts

Make Your Kids Identify Your's And Their Own Body Parts
  • Your child is a little explorer and is ready to learn more about his own body. Ask your child to show you his fingers or his ears, and then ask him to point out yours. He will get a giggle from showing you how well he is learning body parts. You can trace your child's hand or foot on a piece of paper, then identify body parts like the thumb or pinky toe together. 
  • The best way to teach the little one about human physiognomy is to demonstrate a practical. Once the kids are old enough to use speech, teach them about their own body parts. For instance, if your child has a tendency to suck his thumb, along with pulling it out of his mouth with a strict instruction not to do it, you can also add a lesson on what is this particular part of the body called. This way he will be distracted, learn a new thing and will also reduce thumb sucking.
  • Another way of doing it is by pointing out to his fingers and nose, eyes and other facial features and ask him to repeat his respective names and repeat the same exercise by pointing out to yours. This way he will learn by seeing and understanding. Every time he points his finger at anything ask him, what it is and then point it out and repeat the exercise till he has learnt the term correctly.