Making Sense Of The Tenses

Making Sense Of The Tenses

At this age, your child’s communication skills are growing rapidly. This is the right time to introduce him the concept of tenses. Grammar is not so easy task to teach but is imperative for a proper language development. You should start making the concept clear on time. Involve using the tenses in your day to day talks will help him learn the concept easily.

1. Strike a conversation that involve the uses of all tenses together. For instance, use digicam to take your child's photo before during and after he do an activity. Use these pictures to explain him the tenses. You will brush your teeth, You are brushing your teeth and you brushed your teeth.

2. Use books to probe more complex language skills. Choose books that have a mixture of simple sentences with all the tenses, new concepts, some abstract ideas. Read stories to him and ask him what will happen next or what happened in past which makes the character to do so in present or future? Correct his replies with proper usage of tenses.

3. Model the specific grammar to help your child’s language development. Make use of tenses in your daily chores. Like involve your child in a task with yourself and repeat your task in sentences like you are having breakfast. You had breakfast. And You will have some more. Ask him to make such sentences along with you.