Making Your Child Aware Of Bullying In The School Bus

Making Your Child Aware Of Bullying In The School Bus

When a child takes bus to the school, there are several things that he may go through, which may make him unhappy. So, if suddenly you see a change in your child's behavior at this stage and he refuses to board the bus, talk to him. Don’t assume.

It could be a very trivial matter like not getting the window seat, to something as serious as an abuse or facing a lot of bullying. So once you know that your child has an issue, dig deep into it and find the solution to the problem. He has the right to report if he's being touched or hamed. Build trust and communication with your child so that he shares his concerns with you openly. Give undivided attention and listen to him. This makes him feel that his views do matter and he is important. Never ever ignore what he is trying to say. Listen to him, and understand what he is trying to say. Seek help of his peers and teachers if required.

Instil the confidence in him that everything will be fine, and as a parent you are always there to help him out.