Making Your Child Aware Of Wastage

Making Your Child Aware Of Wastage
5y to 6y

Meticulous and wise usage of resources is a quality that is very important, and these can be inculcated in your child very easily, thus helping you to shape your child’s personality into a well rounded one!

Here are some ways in which you can show your child to practice resourcefulness

1. Today’s savings is tomorrow’s earning! All the resources that are saved today are resources which will come in handy some time in the future, when a dire need of it arises. Teaching your child to use only the necessary amounts of the resources that are available to him is a wonderful quality as it helps him to be aware of the requirements that each of his activities needed and, at the same time it teaches him to manage his resources in a responsible human being.

2. In the same vein, teaching your little one the significance and usefulness of managing money well is another great trait that you can help your child to develop. Leading by example, show your child how to manage money, the concept of savings by doing simple things such as starting a piggy bank, letting your child to pick whatever he likes by giving him a simple amount of money to work with and so on.

3. Make your child aware about the importance of saving natural resources such as water. Through various examples and narratives, engage your child and tell him how water is a vital human resource and how it is limited in its quantity and how hard it is to procure. Things such as these are often lessons that even we as adults overlook and take for granted and hence teaching your child these values at a young age is very helpful indeed!

4. Keep in mind that your child might not always catch on to these concepts, which are seemingly simple enough in the purview of us adults. Your child will take his own time to understand and implement these concepts in his day-to-day activities, hence exercise ample patience and cooperation in your child’s efforts to learn these important concepts of life.