Making Your Child Feel More Responsible

Making Your Child Feel More Responsible

Responsibility is one of the most important qualities in an individual and it should be taught to your child right from the start. It may be difficult for her to learn all of it but patience really helps because a responsible child is a responsible adult.

1. Talk to your child about the basic rules that are followed by the family. Let her understand your family values so that she feels like she is a significant part of your family. This is one way you can help her feel responsible.

2. Assign a task or a part of a task to her and let her know how she should go about it. Let her know how much you appreciate her helping you out with the work you assigned to her. Make sure to compliment her or thank her as she completes it.

3. Being responsible for her belongings also applies here. Do not encourage her by buying her a new toy if she loses one. She neds to be aware and responsible about her things as well as the things at home.

4. Teaching your child what to do during an emergency is very important. Keep a first aid kit handy and let her know how and when she is supposed to use it. Leave a list of important phone numbers she should contact at an emergency and make sure she knows how to use a phone.

5. Do not give your child responsibilities she cannot handle. Be aware of how much she can take up as a responsibility and how much she can cope.