Making Your Child Grow With Colors

Making Your Child Grow With Colors

For kids, understanding colours is the most essential building block that they will use for learning in all areas of their life. Make your child grow with colours to enhance his developmental skills. Here are few tips to get your child involved with colours.

1. Teach your child the primary and secondary colours. Tell him how mixing of primary colours will give new secondary colours. Get him involved in colour mixing activities. Give him a dropper and acrylic paint to drop and mix colours. Do not offer a dropper that has stiff action. Give him easy going colours and let him be creative.

2. Make your child practice art and crafts on daily basis. Do many different coloured origami activities with him. Make him aware with colours and craft through this.

3. By teaching your child about colour, you will also be helping him to use colour as a means of creative expression in all aspects of life. Give him colours and different textured material to paint like sponge, cotton bud, vegetables, thread, brush, etc. Let him paint his imagination. Colours widen the imagination of your child and allow self-expression.

4. Colouring activities assists in the development of hand & eye coordination and improvement in concentration levels as the child learns to concentrate and colour within the specified area. Colouring in can develop a drawing style in your child.