Making Your Child More Aware Of Reality (Relationships, Death, Etc.)

Making Your Child More Aware Of Reality (Relationships, Death, Etc.)
Taking perspectives

As a parent, it is naturally your first instinct to shield your kid from the harsh realities of life. You want her to be happy always and not experience anything negative. However, as your kid grows up, she will inevitably face hardships and grievances in some form. So it is better that you prepare her gently for this. 

You should make your kid aware of the realities of life, like death, relationships, failures, etc. so she can grow up to be a confident individual. Be communicative and honest with your child when she has any query regarding this; for example, if a character dies in a book or cartoon, and she asks you about it, discuss it with her.

Never lie to your child, even in cases like a death in the family. Give her time to understand and cope with reality. You should let her know that she can always come to you. Teach her what to expect from any such new development.