Making Your Child More Aware Of Vegetables

Making Your Child More Aware Of Vegetables
3y to 4y
Gross motor

Your kid is growing and has started attending preschool. It’s time to expose and explore many things in his daily life. He will be fascinated to see the veggies on your kitchen counter top.

1. Feel the texture: To begin lay a few vegetables like tomatoes, onions, potatoes. Allow him to hold them in his hands and feel them. He will know that some are soft while some are hard.

2. Exploring vegetables with senses: This activity will make your pre-schooler to learn about the five senses of touch, sight, smell, taste and sound while exploring the vegetables through cutting them and seeing through the magnifying glass.

3. Use descriptive words: He will learn words like soft, hard, smooth, sticky, and rough to describe the vegetables.

4. Learn and review colours: The bright colours of tomatoes, green, yellow, bell peppers, the violet egg plants will enhance him to learn and review some of the known colours.

5. Visit to vegetable bazaar: Drive a trip with your kid to vegetable bazaar, to have a first-hand experience with large varieties of vegetables and encourage him to share his new experience, favourite vegetables, and their colours.

6. Master chef: Encourage and assist your kid to prepare a salad from cucumber, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce topped by paneer cubes, black salt, roasted cumin powder and pepper powder. He will learn the taste of them when they are raw.

7. Small servings: Serve small amount of veggies in his plate. Encourage to ask more servings.

8. Grow vegetables: Plan a kitchen garden and involve your lad in gardening by preparing the soil, potting them and sowing the seeds of different vegetables like tomatoes, lady’s finger, brinjals and etc.