Making Your Child More Religious

Making Your Child More Religious

Religion is something that is held in great esteem in most households. Whichever religion you follow or even if you are religion-agnostic, your little one will begin to wonder about the meaning of the religious rituals and places around her from now itself. So, now is the best time to gradually start making her understand the meaning behind all these religious practices.

Begin by introducing your kid to simple religious acts you perform, for example, the daily worship or pooja that you perform at home, or visiting a place of worship, like temple, church, gurudawara or dargah. Participation with you in the religion you follow or other religions will help her in understanding it better. Encourage her to ask questions and address all her concerns patiently.

You can also use other means to introduce your child to religion. Let her watch kids’ TV programs and animated movies based on religious and mythological figures. You can also go to any bookstore and buy some children’s books on religious stories and myths. Since, it is better to keep your child away from TV as much as possible, books are your best resort for the child for this.