Making your child warm up to the idea of going to preschool

Making your child warm up to the idea of going to preschool
  • This age is the right time for you start preparing your child mentally for playschool or preschool. A main concern with preschool-going kids, at least initially, is that they may not be able to come home or that Mummy will leave them there permanently. Have a goodbye ritual so that your child starts associating it with school and knows that they always come home at the end of school. 
  • Since your child lives with you since birth for over two years now, when he starts his pre schooling, he is likely to show signs of an unwillingness to go to school, which may result in him ending up crying. Instead of scolding your child at this moment, try and talk with him calmly.
  • Draw examples from neighbor's kids who go to playschool or preschool. Talking and comforting him is the best way to ward off his fear that you might leave him permanently. Also, you could take out some time to drop him off at school and pick him up after school once he starts. As soon as he sees your face, he will further feel reassured that he is at the school to learn and he will return home after school. Occasionally, you could also treat him to lure him to the idea of going to school.