Making Your Shy Kid Open Up To You

Making Your Shy Kid Open Up To You

It can get very difficult to make your child comfortable with the idea of talking about her life, especially if she is very shy. If you have tried and tried but have not succeeded and the frustration levels are increasing, here are a few tips to help.

1. Finding a ground on which your child is most comfortable to talk to you about is the primary task here. Observe her as she plays. This can help get an insight into her likes and dislikes. You can strike a conversation based on what she is interested in. This way, she will want to talk to you about it.

2. Now that you have found an opening, make judicious use of it. The communication channel will remain to be open as long as you are supportive and motivating of her interests.Be very neutral on your side of communication. This will make her speak out about how she feels about certain things.

3. Ler her know that you are available at all times if she needs help or support. This will make her feel like she can rely on you without having to think about it. Make sure you live up to it even if you are really busy. Take a few minutes off of work if she comes to you with something.

4. Ask suggestive questions that help her open up. It isn't quite possible for such a young child to validate her feelings and emotions and to tell you all at one go. You need to keep it flowing.