Mastering Gross Motor Skills with Planks

Mastering Gross Motor Skills with Planks

Have you ever wondered how important is balancing for your child? The act of balancing starts from the womb and then after the child is born; it is important that he has gained his balance first with his head, then spine and then perhaps with the whole body.

A child’s balance is one of the most vital things to watch out for, because his own physical and also to an extent mental movement, is dependent on that. At this age, how do you make your child master the act of balancing? This is a question likely to have crossed your mind. One of the best ways of doing it is with planks. Wooden planks are great props to ensure that your child starts balancing himself well. All you need to do is to, place a plank in a way that the weight is equal from both the sides. It is also to be put in a position where it does not fall off even if the child gets disbalanced.

Now, make your child wear proper shoes and ask him to walk slowly on the plank. Initially, he might feel disbalanced. Help him a bit so that he gets the confidence to move. Hold him if needed and then allow him to walk. Once you do this repeatedly, your child will automatically learn to balance himself on the plank.