Mirror Image Helps A Child See Himself For Real

Mirror Image Helps A Child See Himself For Real
2y to 3y

You can use a mirror to help your child understand about himself.A child’s curiosity about his appearance is fulfilled through a mirror image. It helps him to explore and understand. His idea about his physical appearance is given a proper framework. It also helps a parent see how the child sees himself or how he feels from within.

1. You can show the mirror to your little one to make your child understand the physical and visual concept. Introduce your child to his beautiful face by pointing at his reflection in the mirror. You can touch his nose, hair or her ears. Show him how tall he is. Let your child smile, make faces and show him the image in the mirror. He will enjoy it.

2. You can also put a bindi or lipstick mark on his forehead and show it to him in the mirror. Your child can’t feel the bindi in the mirror but only see the image. Your child will then try to touch the mark on the mirror. He will learn and understand the difference.

3. The mirror helps your child to learn how to focus, notice changes in his own image, and also explore the wonderful things that your child can do.

4. You can also use the mirror when your child is very angry or cranky and teach him about different kinds of feelings. Hold a mirror in front of your child and ask your child to see his angry face. You can help your child to connect the visual image of his face, of his feelings and the word that supports it. You can help your child understand different feelings, emotions like crying, being angry, being happy by matching the facial expressions in the mirror.

Children learn quickly by observing.