Monitor Your Kid To Detect Their Individual Talents And Capabilities

Monitor Your Kid To Detect Their Individual Talents And Capabilities
Fine Motor

Knowing what your child is interested in and knowing her capabilities will come in handy going further because you can hone her growth and development if a particular activity suits her best. Here a few ways to identify her calibre and interests so you can help her go to the next level:

1. Have conversations with your child. Find out what she really likes and what she dislikes as well. As you talk to her about something she likes, she will open up to you and will continue to spill her heart out about her likes and dislikes.

2. Observe her as she plays. This can help you recognize where her interest lies. As you find out about what she likes and what she enjoys the most, you can help by introducing skill based activities around her area of interest.

3. As she picks up on a particular activity, spend time with her and observe whether she still continues to involve herself in the activity or if it is just a one time thing because her focus and attention span is quite small at this age.

4. Help your child grow and flourish by introducing progressions with respect to an activity. This will help her think of various ways she can try going about the activity. This will not only improve her skill with respect to the activity, but also helps her with strategic thinking.

5. Do not force anything up on her. This will negatively impact her and she may not do as good as she would otherwise.