Monitoring Your Kiddo's Initial Days At School

Monitoring Your Kiddo's Initial Days At School

1. Slowly introduce him to the routines of school like wearing a uniform, its significance, making him potty trained if not done so already.

2. It is important to let your child understand to raise a hand to ask for anything from the teacher. These might have been taught in the pre-schools, but additional information from you can always be helpful.

3. While interacting with your kid see if there is any anxiety in him, or they have enthusiasm while narrating the incidents from school. Some kids would not tell anything to their parents, try to ask them questions differently and if they do not answer after few times, leave it. Do not force.

4. Have a regular interaction with the school teacher for a few months in the beginning so that you are sure that your kid is settling properly in school and is following the procedures. If you find out of normal find the cause and resolve it by talking to your kid so that they are made to go on the right path.