More You Listen, More You Learn

More You Listen, More You Learn

Each child has a different style of learning depending on how their brain works during learning. Some may be very good listeners. Some kids prefer auditory style. They learn mostly by hearing. Active listening is a communication skill that can bring greater connection, cooperation, clarity and understanding to relationships. Follow these pointers to figure out if your child too falls in the category of active listeners:

1. These kids have a creative bent of mind and are very imaginative. They would love dramatizing and getting involved in games like show and tell. This helps in expressing themselves.

2. Children who are good listeners also have an advantage socially – they tend to be very good friends to others.

3. Kids who listens more keeps a better eye contact and make sure that they understand what has been said by repeating it in their own words.

4. Auditory learners benefit from oral instruction, either from the teacher or themselves. In the classroom, your kid prefers listening attentively to the instructor over taking down notes.

5. Kids who learn through auditory style tends to assimilate and retain information more effectively without having to see it in the texts or pictures. So they are better at holding on to what they hear.

6. They are good in indicating their emotions through the tone, pitch and volume of their voice.

7. Kids who learn by listening are versatile when it comes to accomplishing several tasks. Consequently, they can do more things in a little time.