Motivate your child for doing assignments

Motivate your child for doing assignments

At this stage, your child is more than ready to become an avid reader, do her assignments by herself and put it to the best of her advantage in shaping up her personality. However, it is also possible that she may not like the habit and refuse to indulge in it. While teaching good habits to kids reverse psychology can do wonders. Make it your job to be an active participant in her school assignments. First ensure that she understands the subject or the topic well enough to recognize basic errors. Once you are sure of that, offer to read out her assignment for her and make some deliberate mistakes.

Your kid will be quick to point it out. Act innocent and let her guide you through it “correctly.” Once that happens, acknowledge how intelligent and kind she is to point out your mistake and correct it for you. This will not only boost her morale, but will also make her understand that helping someone is a work of kindness and a good thing to practice. This way you are instilling in her a virtue and self-confidence both and she will also enjoy doing her assignments and reading more in the process.