My Kid Does Not Like School, Find Out The Reason

My Kid Does Not Like School, Find Out The Reason

Is your kid trying to avoid school by faking sickness, crying and clinging to you, or protesting getting out of bed? There might be a good reason for this reluctance. The thing is that you need to find out why he is faking sickness or making excuses. It is the time to investigate.

1. You need to recognise his fear. What is it that makes him reluctant to go to school? Is it a separation anxiety, which arises fear in him? Your child may be thinking that something bad will happen to you or your partner and he will lose his parents.

2. Check if he is missing fun factor in school. Mostly children of this age want more play time and they miss their school because home is a better place to be in. If he makes excuses of sickness, check if the illness is real or he is faking the same.

3. Check for any issues in school. Problems at school could be like your child is being bullied, not having friends, have learning problem or a scary teacher. It could be the other way round as well, others might have a problem with your child. Check out the exact reason.

4. If your child is too reluctant and denies to tell you the reason, then consult child therapist who masters such situations. Talk to his teacher and find out the reason. Create a plan along with his teacher to make your child more comfortable in school.

5. Make your child friendly with the thought of his school. Tell him he will get new books and clothing if he go to school.