Never Ask Your Child To Befriend A Child Who He Isn't Comfortable With

Never Ask Your Child To Befriend A Child Who He Isn't Comfortable With

Making friends, being social is integral to the overall growth and development of your little one, but as parents you should also be mindful about your child’s preferences in his process of making friends. Not all the people that you would want your child to socialize with and get to know may be of your child’s liking.

1. Observe how your child’s behavior is with a new person that they meet. Of course, the first few times that your child will meet someone new, they will always be hesitant and frightful as they are still strangers. But when you notice that your child is consistently hesitant to socialize with a person, do not try to impose that person on to your child.

2. Keep in mind that your little one has his own preferences in terms of people that he is comfortable with and isn’t. These reasons may be logical to us, sometimes it may not be so. But consider that it is your child and do not insist on being friends with someone your little one isn’t comfortable with, beyond a certain point.

3. Child abuse is a very sensitive issue and is often overlooked or unrecognized until it gets to a point where your child might have already been damaged physically and mentally, to the point of irreversibility. As parents, it is imperative that you keep a watchful eye on your child’s behavior and aptly follow up any changes that you find in his behavior with what his activities are and who he spends his time with.