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Never Compare Or Criticize Your Kid In Front Of Others

Never Compare Or Criticize Your Kid In Front Of Others
7 to 8 years tip

At this point, your child has a very fragile self-esteem and how he experiences things from now, will determine his self-esteem's strength in the future as well. Respecting your child’s self esteem is very important for you at present. Treat your little one as adults in this respect.

Just like the way we would not like to be howled and screamed at, in the same way it is rather shameful for your child also to be screamed at. In a group, if he makes any mistake, ensure that you pull him out somewhere and then discuss the matter with him , instead of reprimanding him in front of everyone. It is better to talk in person so that your child doesn’t feel insulted. Also, it is not necessary that you always end up finding his faults in front of others.

Let your child handle that on his own. Let him understand and find a way to tackle things on his own. This will also make him independent and self reliant in many ways.