Never Ever Hit Your Child

Never Ever Hit Your Child

Hitting your child should never be an option to discipline her. There are several repercussions that may prove extremely difficult to handle later in life. A child, no matter how she behaves, needs to be told things in a way that will make her understand why and what has gone wrong. Hitting can damage your child in multiple ways.

She can become psychologically traumatised, which may give her a lifelong scar.

She can also become impertinent and choose not to listen to anything that you ask her to.

Your child may become quiet and reclusive as a result of low self-esteem, and actually end up being very lonely.

Lastly, your child will know and start believing the fact that resorting to violence is a way to combat any situation. And as she grows up, she too will use physical ways to get things her way.

It is understandable that a child at times does things that can be very difficult to handle. But, for the greater good, it is important that no matter what, you refrain from hitting and address the situation verbally. This will yield better results in many ways. And your child will also start learning things your way. Hitting will spoil your relation too, which may be harmful in the long run.