Never Fail To Correct Your Ward At The Right Time

Never Fail To Correct Your Ward At The Right Time

At this stage, your child is bound to make mistakes. The little one learns through the trial and error method at this point of time. Appreciation and acknowledgement are what he seeks. Reward your child with display of emotions like hugs and kisses when he does something right. If he is wrong, you must express regret or disappointment in a constructive way. Little kids are bound to make mistakes. Parents should emote and act accordingly under such situations. Since your toddler has entered the age when he can understand words & expressions, do not hesitate to correct him when he goes wrong. 

 • Never shout or scold your little one; a simple stare should be enough from your end to make your kid feel sorry. 

 • Differentiate between good and bad deeds. You should work to impart precise knowledge to your child for developing him into a better person. 

 • Read out stories to your child which comprise of a moral learning. 

 • Whenever your little one performs good deeds, appreciate his efforts by offering a kiss or a warm hug. You can also offer a small gift to make your child feel happy.