Never Try To Break Your Kid's Will By Force

Never Try To Break Your Kid's Will By Force

Your kid becomes quite headstrong about certain things at this point. There will be times when your child will test your limits. He will be stubborn and just not listen to you. The behaviour can be upsetting to you but using force or threat will worsen the situation. It will create power struggles between both of you.

Stay calm and just listen to what is bothering him. Acknowledge his feelings and empathize too. Give him some time to calm down and then talk to him. You can provide choices and try for a win/win solution for both.

You need not be part of each and every power struggle caused by your child especially where he has put forth an unreasonable demand. You can step aside and just wait for the meltdown to get over. Then talk and sort out amicably.

Never threaten or yell at him as it creates more resistance in him. On the contrary, set predictable routines where he has a good sense of control of what’s coming next. For instance, if your child refuses to brush teeth at night, don’t force him. Instead create a chore chart where he gets a sticker or a happy face when he brushes every night.