Note What Your Kid Is Capable Of Doing and Let Them Do It

Note What Your Kid Is Capable Of Doing and Let Them Do It
2y to 3y

Understanding your child’s temperament and calibre will help him go a long way as you can introduce activities that he can get really good at or find out what he is skilful with and help him grow in the right direction.

1. Playtime is when he actually learns quite a lot. So, make it a point to observe him as he plays as this can help identify what his interests are. Make a note of all the various activities he indulges himself in.

2. If your child sticks to only a few activities and that is not helping you figure out much about what he can be good at, try introducing different activities to see if he takes an interest in any of them.

3. As your child shows interest, scale the activity up by introducing progressions. This will help him learn a great deal about the activity, thereby refining his skills alongside.

4. Do not pressurize your child into performing something he does not like. This can cause more harm than good as he may not be able to give it his best only because he does not like it. Do not force anything up on him that he might not like.

5. If you find that he is getting really good at a particular skill, check if there are any classes for the same as it can really help him acquire amazing skills than can really bring out the best in him.

6. Appreciate his efforts no matter what he decides to do. Display his work proudly at home, so everyone gets to take a look at it.